My artwork is presented in wooden box frames made to order. They are available in Ash, Dark Wood, Natural Wood, White and Black depending on the style chosen.

 The quality of the frames is reflected in the cost of the artwork as a whole. Should you wish to order a piece without the frame in order for you to source your own, then please contact me regarding this and I can look at a price without the frame.

The mounts and backgrounds can be chosen to match the style/colour theme of the art. A selection of these can be seen below. I use Snow White Mounts for the majority of my work. An additional mount can be added to create a double mount of a colour can be added to highlight a certain colour in the picture. The mounts can also be placed at the back or at the front to give a shadow effect.

The background colours can vary from snow white to grey (as in most of the bird artwork) or a more vibrant colour such as red or purple.